To me the genesis account of creation is too easy to accept. IF and I mean If you see it as an account 
of Yeshua speaking to Moses in the tent of tabernacles, and him translating the event. All through genesis it talks of our solar system not the entire universes, except in 2 verses where it says. Gen1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth". This states that an eternity ago he created the stars, and also in Gen1:16 He mentions he created the stars ALSO. If you accept that Yeshua was giving an account of our Earth and its 2 great lights (our solar system) and that God hovered over a watery ball (Earth) 6,000 years ago, that could have been sitting there for eons, then Genesis makes perfect sense and so does all the rest of the bible. 
If not, then all you can see is a hooky spooky God who has some sort of magic wand, that treats us like ants or worms. 
If you see Genesis in its true light, then God becomes more than a soul mate He become apart of you, as He reproduces Himself via a son on every world He creates, and the concept of God Almighty become a billion Yeshua like sons on as many world and they like us are ONE GOD ALMIGHTY. 
Ergo the concept of the body of Christ a billion saved that make up one woman for Yeshua. 
The Bible makes perfect sense if you see it in the light it was designed and evolution becomes a cheap counterfeit. 
Also the next universe the spirit world or anti-matter universe make total sense also, even the mention of the Ezekiel chapter 1 (the living space ship) also fits this doctrine, as a matter of fact the whole bible fits together like a jig saw puzzle and the perfect picture is revealed. 
God Almighty or Yeshua almighty...