ISLAM is wrong but:  
Islam is a complexed religion as is the Christian faith, but it also is broken up into TWO distinct type of people just like the Christian faith. Those who trust God and those who trust themselves or their flesh. 
FAITH or WORKS of the flesh. 
The Muslims who trust in God to judge the wicked and simply deliver their souls by worshiping Him are the Muslims who trust God by Faith. 
The Muslims who Kill people who in their eyes are wicked trust themselves and their father Satan, not God. God 
Is sovran and expects His people of all faiths to trust Him. He is the judge He is the one who administers justice and He alone is the one judge who alone is God. 
Any mortal who steals the job of God almighty, will be accounted as His enemy. Its that simple. 
You either trust God or you trust yourself and Satan as he was the first to trust himself. 
Cain Able, Satan Yeshua, Saved Damned, nothing is new, Who's child are you? 

Indonesia is a classic example how Islam takes over a country, The last "mass conversion" was during the fall of Communist Party in Indonesia in 1965. There were massive and brutal murders of Communist Party members in late 1960s. The jargon was that Communists were Atheists and Atheists were Communists. 500,000 Christian and catholics were amongst the murdered. The safest way for people back then, especially the Javanese who adhere to local religions, were to declare themselves Muslim so they wouldn't be mistaken for Communists. This expanded Indonesia's Muslim to today's 86%. 
This was perpetrated by the General who then became the president for 31 years.Islam is a violent religion that condones murder and even genocide, whereas the Christian religion 
reject both and on the contrary believe in self sacrifice and helping the sinner. In a satanic world 
such as ours where might is right Islam is destined to conquer the planet.
Christians have a right to DEFEND themselves