The church system today is the remnant of the system that pope Constantine set up 313 AD. It was useful for its time but the manipulators came in and we see the results today. The system Yeshua set up was an equal sharing system, with ownership by the people and the priesthood as employed by the majority, or the tribes. The priesthood was never intended to own the kingdom on Earth, as pope Constantine evoked in the Edict of Milan. We the bride the body were meant to own the kingdom here as it is in heaven, we the body the bride of Christ were suppose to establish the Kingdom on Earth. [Signatory Founders, with mandatory 10% tithe.100 members then expand, would be perfect. 
Now regarding the nations as a whole. The Christian nations (Three: America, British commonwealth and Roman.). Compared to the communist nations (no god) and the Asian/African ( many gods) nations or even the One God nation of Islam. All of them are out of Gods will on the whole, BUT, the Christian nations still give to the poor and needy, fight against godless regimes and take good care of their own, compared to all the others. This is why they are blessed physically and the others are struggling. 
Do not get high minded or proud, as the Christian nations according to the bible get (sudden destruction 1/3 ) whacked with a first strike. They win the counter attack and the last battle is settled in Mendigo (Armageddon). This is where God almighty is sovereign above Religions and man as He blesses those who do righteousness and curses those who do wrong.  
Acts 10:35 But in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him. (KJV) 
Example of a church CHARTER. 
To the shepherds "let my wife go" Give the kingdom back to the people. NOW!